Donna’s Daily Rx…

It's all good


  • 2 capsules of rm-10 (mushroom blend) from Garden of Lifeveggie scramble with brown rice cake and healthy creamy garlic spread
  • 1 cup reverse-osmosis water with lemon, chlorophyll & minerals
  • 1-2 cups veggie-protein-flax smoothie (see “Liquid Love.”)
  • 1-2 slices of gluten free or whole grain toast w coconut oil and almond butter
  • * veggie scramble  w rice cake and garlic spread (1-2 x/week)
  • 1-2 cups organic coffee
EXERCISEDonna_Carlsbad half marathon
  • Run or elliptical for 45 min. + 15 min. weights or 1 hour hatha yoga 
  • 20 oz reverse-osmosis water with lemon, chlorophyll & minerals
SNACKS (2-3 throughout day)
  • Piece of organic fruit (pear or green apple or 1/2 banana)
  • brown rice cakes with “healthy creamy garlic spread” by Majestic Garlichealthy garlic
  • trail mix1 cup Donna’s special organic trail mix: millet rice cereal , puffed kamut, raw pepitas, raw walnuts, raw almonds,  raw brazil nuts, dried cranberries, raisins, cinnamon
  • saladnspicesorganic salad loaded with spices, olive oil and braggs spray
  • vitamins
  • 1 cup reverse-osmosis water with lemon, chlorophyll & minerals
  • Organic green chai, kombucha or herbal tea
  • Donna’s organic veggie juice or smoothie
  • organic salad loaded with veggies, spices, lemon, olive oil and braggs sprayphoto (5)
  • piece of grilled salmon or tofu/veggie curry or roasted veggies
  • small amount of quinoa,  brown rice or lentils
  • 1 cup reverse-osmosis water with lemon, chlorophyll & minerals
  • 3 small squares of organic dark chocolate
  • organic mint tea with 1 tsp CALM (Magnesium 350mg)calm
  • A glass or two of ORGANIC red wine

About Donna Pinto

I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles with my family at age 12. After graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Journalism, I had a short-stint in magazine advertising sales before landing my "dream job" with Club Med. For two years I worked at resorts in Mexico, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and Colorado. My husband Glenn & I met in Ixtapa, Mexico and we embarked on a two year honeymoon around the world. This was also a research project for a book we wrote called "When The Travel Bug Bites: Creative Ways to Earn, Save and Stay Abroad." I am also the author of a quote book for new graduates -- "Cheatnotes on Life: Lessons From The Classroom of Life." In 1997, we settled in San Diego and I was blessed to work part-time from home for non-profit organizations while raising our two boys. In 2010, a DCIS diagnosis changed my life. DCIS 411 is the culmination of my on-going journey and discoveries.
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4 Responses to Donna’s Daily Rx…

  1. I eat this chocolate bar. I have never heard of RM. If it really works, I will try it.


  2. healthiestbeauty says:

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.


  3. tcs says:

    donna what is reverse osmosis water…do you recommend i get and mushrooms….dcis intermediate…also i am going in for my last discussion with cheryl ewing who works for esserman. she is going to tell me about tamoxifen for dcis intermediate. but so far two mastectomy opinions for my length of disease. i have been a little lax on juicing but still do green powders and bought quercitin. cutting way down on wine…actually none now with a beer here and there and tequila special occasions…my d.o. has told me the merits of the cleanness of tequila.

    feel great as usual since dcis has no symptoms;-)

    and btw the reason i am in sf is from a club med guy in st. lucia…just read your story. but he is now married with 2 kids.


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