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NY Times Article: Breast Cancer Surgery Rules Are Called Unclear

Fascinating article regarding margins and re-excisions….. “there is no evidence that a margin any bigger than “not touching ink” affects cancer recurrence or survival, said Dr. Morrow”

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Organic Tofu “EggFree” Salad

Everything Organic and raw….herb salad, rainbow chard, arugula, beets, carrots, yellow pepper, radish, grape tomatoes Tofu eggfree salad from Jimbos: organic tofu, veganaise, organic green onions, organic parsley, lemon juice, organic tumeric, organic curry powder, sea salt Dressing: Olive oil, Braggs amino … Continue reading

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You Did What? Saying “NO” to Conventional Cancer Treatment

I just finished reading this fascinating book….it is a story about Hollie Quinn, a 27 year old woman who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2002 while she was 38 weeks pregnant. Hollie and her husband Patrick share … Continue reading

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Peace, Love & “The Science of Happiness”

How have I managed to stay calm, happy and filled with gratitude throughout my two year DCIS roller coaster ride filled with mammograms,  MRIs, 1 needle biopsy, 3 surgeries,  waiting for pathology results, multiple opinions, information overload and doctors who continually try to … Continue reading

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Article boasts “watchful waiting” option…

Watchful waiting may be the more sensible approach upon diagnosis with DCIS, but most women are not informed of this option…

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New gene test determines recurrence risk

New gene test determines which DCIS patients need radiation treatment

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An Angel called Adriana

“No-no-no,” Adriana insisted with her Colombian accent. “You mustn’t do these invasive treatments… You must come see me immediately.”  Upon learning of my diagnosis in an email I initially sent out, my dear friend, Adriana, who is an orthomolecular nutritionist and energy healer, … Continue reading

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