To help women become educated and empowered in order to make individualized health-care decisions based on facts not fear.



3 Responses to Mission

  1. FRAN ANDERSON says:

    HI Donna, Enjoyed your journey. My surgery date is Wednesday , May 18, 2016. Breast cancer stage 1. Appreciate all your hard work. I am 59. Live in Blythe CA. Surgeon with Eisenhower in Rancho Mirage. LUMPECTOMY AND I REALLY DON’T WON’T RAD


    • Brenda Lynn Gaines says:

      Listen to Dr. Morse Online..hes a Naturopathic dr and holds a Bio Chemist degree on HOW FOOD INTERACTS with the body on the cellular level ! I cured my stage 3 breast cancer following his direction. Watch the video online by Dr. Morse… called Cancer….its amazing eye opener. … I m sharing because i care.


  2. dp4peace says:

    Hi Fran, you certainly have the option to decline radiation. My dear friend Sandie and co-creator of http://www.DCISRedefined.org has done extensive research on radiation for invasive breast cancer. She chose no chemo and no radiation and is seeing Dr. Keith Block, an integrative oncologist in Chicago There are some great resources to support you in NOT doing radiation. Check out Elyn Jacob’s website: https://elynjacobs.com/

    Sending you light and love and blessings for a successful surgery and easy recovery. Blessings, Donna


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