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GREAT NEWS — Oncotype DX Test Results!

Dr. Laura Esserman called me with some GREAT NEWS this evening. My Oncotype DX Test Score results came back as LOW RISK  for invasive breast cancer! She said I have a 10% risk of invasive cancer at 8 years — … Continue reading

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What you always wanted to know about breast screening published by The Nordic Cochrane Centre 201: I have been to several Breast Cancer Centers over the last two years and I have been wondering why they all seem to be … Continue reading

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I feel I am one of thousands of women who have been over-treated and harmed by mammograms. I believe our society and most breast cancer organizations put way too much emphasis, money and marketing on mammograms and not enough on … Continue reading

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BS stands for Blue Shield

Dr. Esserman ordered the Oncotype DX Test for me over 1 month ago (see post “What is Oncotype DX?”) Today I received Blue Shield’s denial letter stating: “A physician advisor has reviewed the information provided and determined that the requested service … Continue reading

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What Is Oncotype DX?

Oncotype DX is the first clinically validated commercial genomic assay for patients with DCIS. Oncotype DX reveals the underlying biology that can help guide DCIS treatment decisions by predicting the risk of any local recurrence of breast cancer (DCIS or … Continue reading

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