Peace, Love & “The Science of Happiness”

A True Guru (Bringer of Light) — Katy Guard

How have I managed to stay calm, happy and filled with gratitude throughout my two year DCIS roller coaster ride filled with mammograms,  MRIs, 1 needle biopsy, 3 surgeries,  waiting for pathology results, multiple opinions, information overload and doctors who continually try to scare the (bleep) out of me?

Everything I know about staying calm – no matter what – is thanks to two enlightened souls who have blessed my life. One is Adriana (see “An Angel Called Adriana“) and the other is Katy Guard, my 80 year (young) yoga teacher who is the purest, happiest person I have ever known. Katy and her husband Yogiraj Behramji came to the US from India over 30 years ago and opened the first “Yoga and Meditation School” in San Diego.

I got hooked on Katy’s hatha yoga class 10 years ago. I remember how Katy’s teachings brought such peace and calm to me immediately following 9-11 when “terror” and fear permeated our society. I was a new mom with typical anxieties and my mind couldn’t rest. Katy changed all that for me. After an hour and a half of yoga postures where Katy gave detailed descriptions of the internal workout of organs intertwined with ancient wisdom from the yogis, Katy guided me into a deep relaxation which can only be described as “bliss.”  According to Katy, yoga is “the science of happiness.” And I am a true believer!

Two and a half years ago, just a few months before my DCIS diagnosis, Katy began leading a weekly “meditation class” studying the spiritual classic “I AM THAT” — a compilation of dialogues between world-wide spiritual seekers and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a self-realized Indian sage. A seven week class turned into 2.5 years and our small gatherings in Katy’s home every Wednesday night are still going strong! I am certain that my ability to remain calm and filled with peace, love and gratitude is largely due to Katy and our contemplations on “I AM THAT.”  

“Between spirit and body, LOVE provides the bridge. Mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.”  – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


About Donna Pinto

I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles with my family at age 12. After graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Journalism, I had a short-stint in magazine advertising sales before landing my "dream job" with Club Med. For two years I worked at resorts in Mexico, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and Colorado. My husband Glenn & I met in Ixtapa, Mexico and we embarked on a two year honeymoon around the world. This was also a research project for a book we wrote called "When The Travel Bug Bites: Creative Ways to Earn, Save and Stay Abroad." I am also the author of a quote book for new graduates -- "Cheatnotes on Life: Lessons From The Classroom of Life." In 1997, we settled in San Diego and I was blessed to work part-time from home for non-profit organizations while raising our two boys. In 2010, a DCIS diagnosis changed my life. DCIS 411 is the culmination of my on-going journey and discoveries.
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5 Responses to Peace, Love & “The Science of Happiness”

  1. Lena says:

    Rings the bell for me – actually so many bells 🙂
    Warmest wishes from the hot and steamy Singapore – we’re celebrating a Chinese New Year here, so wishing you a very healthy, fulfilling and prosperous lunar year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai 🙂


  2. Kay Ashley says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Glenn says:

    You are an amazing woman!!. No wonder I married you 🙂


  4. Suzan Tusson says:

    What a lovely tribute to our dear Katy. Also, you are a bringer of light so no wonder you are surrounded by angels and wise souls. Thanks for the peace you share.


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