washington postWaiting and watching with ‘Stage 0’ breast cancer put to nationwide test, Washington Post, April 29, 2017


womens-health‘Why I Refused to Get Treatment When I Was Diagnosed Best DonnaDSC_0163with Breast Cancer’

“Everyone has the association that cancer is a death sentence.”

KPBS_TV_Aug 24_2015KPBS Radio & TV, August 24, 2015, Study Prompts San Diego Doctors, Patients To Question Breast Cancer Treatment Strategy  TOP STORY on Midday Edition — a LIVE 16 minute radio interview and 5 minute TV segment featuring Donna along with an oncologist from Sharp Hospital in San Diego.

TIMETIME Magazine, October 1, 2015: Why Doctors Are Rethinking Breast-Cancer Treatment Donna was interviewed via phone for 45 minutes for this article. She discussed how she was “blindsided” when given the diagnosis, yet she knew intuitively the standard aggressive DCIS protocol was not right. Sadly, this article focuses on “doing nothing” and does not mention being pro-active with regards to a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle as Donna emphasized was so important for herself as well as all women choosing “active surveillance.”

SDUTSan Diego Union Tribune, Study challenges status quo in breast cancer treatment  Donna’s story is featured in this FRONT PAGE article.

DCIS Over-treatment Makes Mainstream News — 2015 Highlights

The media madness began in August 2015 following the publication of the most extensive study to date on DCIS in the prestigious medical Journal JAMA Oncology. The study of over 100,000 women concluded there was no “life-saving” benefit to “standard protocol” for DCIS (surgery, radiation and drugs).  “The analysis reinforces a growing belief that current treatment regimens for this condition are overly aggressive or outright unnecessary.” 

More major news stories and headlines:

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 ‘Stage Zero’ Breast Cancer: New Study Casts Doubt on Early Intervention

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New York Times, August 20, 2015: Doubt Is Raised Over Value of Surgery for Breast Lesion at Earliest Stage

New York Times, September, 28, 2015: A Breast Cancer Surgeon Who Keeps Challenging the Status Quo

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