DCIS Redefined

Why I co-created a 2nd DCIS website

SandieIn 2010, I felt very alone and often criticized and even “bullied” for my views, questions and posts in DCIS online support forums. Where were the other women who thought and felt like me about potential over-treatment?

In 2011, I found Sandie Walters who posted a link to her story titled “DCIS Without Rads.”

Sandie and I soon became dear friends despite living thousands of miles apart. With a common passion for DCIS research, together we collaborated on a website:  DCIS Redefined: Dilemmas, Choices & Integrative Solutions.

Sadly Sandie was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her opposite breast and after a mastectomy she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015. Sandie sadly passed away in January 2018 from pneumonia.

Sandie is the inspiration for a scholarship fund for people facing cancer who do not have the awareness or financial means for life-enhancing wellness activities, products or educational programs. Learn more about the inspiration and mission of Give Wellness at www.giveWELLNESS.life