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12 Responses to Get involved

  1. anita says:

    I am so glad this site is available. I have been on the DCIS journey since June 2011.
    It started with a lumpectomy where they removed 9 cm of DCIS from my right breast. The results showed intermediate, non-comendo, non-invasive. The breast surgeon wanted to do mastectomy , sentinel biopsy and remove my nipple because their was positive margins. He also requested another MRI because I asked many questions. The MRI showed the positive margins and marks in two other quadrants (possible DCIS) The MRI also showed an enhanced lymph node (grade 6).
    Before the suregery I sought an interfrative cancer naturapath and started to take Vit C through IV, many supplements.
    To my surprise I asked the breast surgeon to gve me time to decide. He granted me 6 months. In the meantime my naturopath suggested that I have the mastectomy. I was not willing at that time and asked him to place me on any thing he thought would support me in the interm. He placed me on mistletoe shots which I will be taking for 2-4 years regardless if I have the mastectomy or not.
    I contonued my search and sought out a second opinion in which the surgeon was more positive however, he recommended a mastectomy (nipple sparing) and no node removal. As well, he gave me a year to decide and another MRI.
    I have since had the MRI and lucky things look better. The area of concern is smaller and the lymph nodes show no enhancement. The suregeon believes the good results stem from healing after surgery while on the other hand my naturapath believes it is from he agressive treatment plan I am on.
    The surgeon was not so happy that I am still undecided at this time but is willing to provide me with another MRI and a mammogram in 6 months.
    I think about DCIS way too much but I have a great psychologist who supports me every step of the way.
    Thank you so much!!!!!


    • dp4peace says:

      Hi Anita,

      I too am wondering how you are doing and what you have done as far as treatment and monitoring since your last post over a year ago. I hope you are doing well and feeling halthy and at peace. ~ Donna


  2. mere says:

    Anita, what has happened since June 2012?


  3. anita says:

    well things have changed
    I had the mastectomy in May 2012
    May 30th 2012 I was was told I had 7 micro-invasions stage 1
    July 4, 2012 Sentinel Biopsy (found cancer (6cm) in one lymphe node
    They wanted me to do radiation or remove 10 more lymph nodes and take tamoxifen
    I refused both
    Contacted a MD/ND in the US who thought I should remember that pathology would see abnormal cells after a lumpectomy and Mastectomy therefore she suggested I do nothing
    When I asked her about my nymph nodes , she said the abnormal cells found there were merely my nodes doing their job
    In the end, I am still taking mistletoe, Vit C through IV and many supplements, exercise and diet
    I had to have another surgery to fix up the mess the first surgeon made during my mastectomy (oct 2012)
    I had my implant put in place in MArch 2013 and a small reduction on the left side
    One of the greatest things I have done was I saw a New German Medicine practitioner who helped me to see where the problems all started
    I feel great and I hope you are doing well

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  4. anita says:


    6mm in my lymphe node not 6cm


  5. mere says:

    Hi Anita,

    thanks so much on sharing your stories and i hope you are doing well. i am just curious what have you learned from the German Medicine practitioner?

    i too have DCIS, intermediate grade, so far had two lumpectomies and waiting for the result on second one to determine the next steps.

    best regards,


  6. Sherry says:

    I signed up on my home computer to post messages but have been unable to reply. I am trying to set up to give and receive replies at work. Sorry but I do not know how to go about this except by using a reply.


    • dp4peace says:

      Hi Sherry,
      I think the only way to post a message is to leave a “reply.” Not sure why you are unable to. Maybe your first one just needed my approval. You should be able to reply anywhere on the site. Please try again and let me know if you have any more issues or questions. Thanks for joining in on the conversation and sharing your perspective. 🙂 Donna


  7. anneldee says:

    Would you be interested in my story from the UK? I had a diagnosis of high grade comedo with necrosis 5a DCIS in October 2012 and had a wide local wire guided excision in Nov 2012 though I refused radiotherapy and declined follow-up mammograms until October 2014. In 2014 I had a lot of stress (I work in a secure hospital for mentally disordered offenders) and parental problems – my 85 year old dad who lives 50 miles away was hospitalised and needs a lot of care – I am main carer. Plus mum had to be placed in residential care as she has Alzheimers. I am sure this contributed to me being diagnosed with 2 more areas of high grade 5a DCIS comedo with necrosis in the same breast with ‘suspicion’ of invasion in one area. The surgeon wants to do sentinel node biopsy and left breast mastectomy. My right breast is totally clear.
    I think this is all rather drastic as I have no partner or anyone to care for me or my geriatric cat (!) if I had surgery. I am active and swim, cycle, drive and hike, do tai chi and yoga and at 61, think that drastic surgery would leave me with a poor quality of life. As a Reiki Master I have been giving myself healing and have had a long think about not going back to work, so reducing one stress area. Instead, focusing on my OWN needs for a change instead of looking after everyone else.
    My daughter and 6 month old grand daughter live 250 miles away and she is my closest emotional support and I have good friends who are holistic practitioners. It is so good to read other women’s views as they reflect my own desire to ‘watch and wait’. I have already survived thyroid cancer and a total hysterectomy including ovary removal and am convinced that I can survive this, I might die with it, but not from it!


  8. Anita cameron says:

    Hi an else
    I had a mastectomy and sentinel biopsy and I have the same quality of life as per usual. In fact, I had the sentinel surgery separate from the mastectomy (they found micro invasions ) therefore they wanted to look at the lymph nodes. Mastectomy was not bad and I did not lose my nipple. I used extra strength Advil and arnice for the pain . It was uncomfortable for a bit but the pain was so manageable. The nymph node surgery was more painful but manageable, again just over the counter drugs…no prescribed pain killers. That nymph node surgery pain ened after 8days and then back to normal. You need to make up your own mind. I took 11 months to decide after my lumpectomy. Do not let anyone tell you what to do…you need to decide for yourself. I believe I healed well because I did the research and made up my own mind. My thoughts are with you


  9. Stacey says:

    I just watched a video of your story on Health Matters Health Coaching Facebook page. I’m inspired by what you’re doing. I have so many thoughts on the topic of over-medicating. So disappointed at the state of our nation when it comes to food and healthcare. I am focusing on the solution: currently studying for a health coaching certification after many years of suffering from anxiety. Glad to connect and look forward to more information from your group!!


  10. Pauline arnone says:

    I was diagnosed with high grade dcis in right breast March 2022 following breast screening (done every 3 years uk ) . Advised to have a mascectomy . Learnt about overdiagnosis online and felt conned into screening . I have decided not to go through with it and it is nearly a year on .had couple of mri in mean time with no change . I have made the right decision for me but it has not been easy .I’ve had the odd wobble and it feels difficult when all medical people think you are doing the wrong thing . I am hoping things get easier the longer their is no change and no sign of invasive cancer and if it does I will deal with it then .


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