Organic Tofu “EggFree” Salad

Everything Organic and raw….herb salad, rainbow chard, arugula, beets, carrots, yellow pepper, radish, grape tomatoes

Tofu eggfree salad from Jimbos: organic tofu, veganaise, organic green onions, organic parsley, lemon juice, organic tumeric, organic curry powder, sea salt

Dressing: Olive oil, Braggs amino acids, salsa, squeeze of lemon

 Spices: anise seed, cinnamon, tumeric, pepper, dill


About Donna Pinto

I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles with my family at age 12. After graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Journalism, I had a short-stint in magazine advertising sales before landing my "dream job" with Club Med. For two years I worked at resorts in Mexico, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and Colorado. My husband Glenn & I met in Ixtapa, Mexico and we embarked on a two year honeymoon around the world. This was also a research project for a book we wrote called "When The Travel Bug Bites: Creative Ways to Earn, Save and Stay Abroad." I am also the author of a quote book for new graduates -- "Cheatnotes on Life: Lessons From The Classroom of Life." In 1997, we settled in San Diego and I was blessed to work part-time from home for non-profit organizations while raising our two boys. In 2010, a DCIS diagnosis changed my life. DCIS 411 is the culmination of my on-going journey and discoveries.
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1 Response to Organic Tofu “EggFree” Salad

  1. Glenn says:

    Don’t think you can find that here in Belgium. Can’t wait to come home and enjoy one of my wife’s famous salads 🙂


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