NO Informed Consent — Harmed by 5 Titanium Clips in Breast — DCIS Patient Shares Her Story and Advocacy

by Lisa Nash

(Presented at the State House in Boston to Senators and legislative staff):

Hello, my name is Lisa Nash and I am here to speak with you about An Act Promoting Patient Engagement in Health Care Decisions.

I have personally had an experience where I was uninformed about my options and suffered serious medical, financial and very personal consequences as a result.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with DCIS, an early stage breast cancer and consulted with a very prominent Boston hospital for treatment options. I met with a variety of doctors including oncologists, radiologist and surgeons regarding my treatment options before scheduling surgery for a lumpectomy. Being a member of the Health Care for All Consumer Counsel in addition to my previous knowledge and experiences with the health care system, I researched my medical condition and believed I was an informed consumer, asking all of the “right” questions.

Six months later, upon receiving a follow up mammogram, I was completely shocked to learn that 5 titanium clips were left in my breast as “markers.”

In spite of my educated and very intelligent questions during my consultation with the various specialists at the Breast Center, I was not informed or even asked if I would want or approve of the clips being placed and left in my breast. In fact, the topic of leaving a foreign body, never mind 5 of them, in my breast was never discussed at all. When I brought this to my surgeon’s attention, I was told that the standard operating procedure of this particular hospital is to leave the clips in all lumpectomy patients and to not discuss it with them.

I requested that a follow up surgery be scheduled as soon as possible to remove the clips which had been causing severe itching and pain. The good news was that at least I knew what was causing the itching and discomfort after six months of uncertainty. The bad news was that my surgeon would not remove them nor would she admit that my symptoms could be caused by the clips. With much research, I found that other hospitals do not use them at all and found a hospital that was aware of patients complaining of itching and allergic reactions to titanium clips and were willing to remove them. The surgery to remove them was not as easy as planned. First, I had to endure the placement of 5 needle localization wires which was extremely painful, bordering on barbaric. Then after the surgery, I developed a hematoma, which is internal bleeding, that triggered a 2nd trip to the operating room for emergency surgery to locate and stop the bleeding. After an overnight stay, I was sent home to recover, bruised from neck to hip from the pooling of blood.

Long-term, this series of events has left me with an extremely disfigured breast that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

If this bill were in effect before my surgery, I would have been informed and asked if I wanted titanium clips placed in my breast. I would have had the opportunity to discuss my long list of allergies to various substances and I could have expressed my wishes to not have anything foreign object left in my body. I would have been part of the decision making about my body.

I have since attempted to work with this hospital with the assistance of HCFA to get their standard procedure changed and to have all lumpectomy patients informed of the use of titanium clips used as “markers” but was completely rejected. I was told that it would take too much time to discuss this topic with patients regarding possible titanium reactions.

If this bill were passed, the issue of taking too much time would be resolved and patients would have the opportunity to understand and discuss all of the details of their condition.

We each have one and only one body to sustain us through our lives and therefore should be included and part of any decisions around what goes in it and what surgically is implanted in it.

Please remember my story when this bill comes to your attention. Remember my face and the pain and suffering I have endured for it could be you or one of your family member. Thank you.

Summary of Lisa’s Story in her own words:

My Family History

My Mom and Aunt died of Breast Cancer in the 1990’s – different types completely unrelated. Testing for BRCA was not available then. Both had multiple surgeries and radiation. Both died within 1 year of each other.

Medical Advice

Advice from Dr. Susan Love, my Mom and Aunt’s doctor: Be Diligent with mammograms to catch anything early so I religiously got my yearly mammograms for 15 years – from the age of 29 – 44.


  • 2007 yearly mammogram finds cluster of microscopic calcifications in my left breast
  • I get a biopsy
  • I get the phone call from the pathologist who tells me the dreaded words


Doctor’s Appointments

I meet with breast surgeon and team of other doctors

I strongly explain my beliefs and wishes:

– I will NOT get Chemo

– I will NOT get Radiation

– I WILL get a lumpectomy

– I WILL treat with Alternative Therapies but NOT Traditional 


I have the lumpectomy surgery

Pathology results find: • NO CANCER! • NO ABNORMALITIES AT ALL!

Totally NORMAL breast tissue!! Was the biopsy a False positive? 

But…You Have Cancer

  • Radiologist pushes for 4 weeks of whole breast radiation
  • Radiologist tells me, “YOU HAVE CANCER” and
  • “You have young children who NEED you” and

My Response:

  • My pathology report shows no abnormalities or cancer
  • False Positive, perhaps?
  • If I were to get an invasive cancer and I get whole breast radiation now, I will not be able to get radiation in this breast again, so why would I radiate now and not save the “big guns” for when or if I really need them?


  • Oncologist agrees that the pathology does not show any evidence of breast cancer
  • Still Recommends Standard Breast Cancer Protocol:
    • 5 years treatment with Tamoxifen
    • continued mammography every 6 months
    • yearly follow up with pancreatic cancer specialist
    • genetic testing

What about…

  • The possibility of a false positive?
  • Waiting and watching?

6 months of Itchy

  • My left breast feels extremely itchy and uncomfortable and does not improve with time
  • I can’t sleep on my left side
  • I wake up with scratch marks on my left breast

Mammogram provides answers

  • Shows 5 titanium clips in my left breast
  • Placed in my breast by my breast surgeon without my informed consent
  • Used as “markers” for radiation
  • Didn’t I express my personal choices clearly?
  • Didn’t I say I would NOT be getting any radiation?

No Discussion – No Informed Consent

  • Why did the doctor feel it was OK to put something in my body without a discussion, never mind 5 items?

Breast Surgeon’s response

  • My breast surgeon admits to placing 5 titanium clips in my breast without discussing with me that this is Standard operating procedure for lumpectomy patients
  • I was ”too upset” to understand
  • She “knew better” than I about what was “right” for me
  • She would absolutely NOT be removing them and NO breast surgeon will remove them
  • I should see a therapist as there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I am having any reaction to the clips

I research

  • And research
  • And research
  • And…

Find 100% Hypoallergenic Titanium Jewelry

  • The puzzle pieces all fit together after I buy some Lia Sophia 100% Hypoallergenic Titanium Jewelry and fall asleep with it on
  • My ears and neck are all red and inflamed
  • If my ears and neck are red and inflamed from 1 day of having titanium touch my body, what does the inside of my left breast look like?

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

  • I contact Dana Farber: 5 out of 8 of their breast surgeons believe in titanium reactions and are willing to see me to remove them
  • NONE of the 8 breast surgeons at Dana use clips due to the “known issues”
  • Why doesn’t this information get communicated 2 blocks down the street to Beth Israel Hospital?

Clip Removal Surgery Prep

  • Barbaric – 5 needle localizations to determine location of clips
  • I am told to walk to the pre-op with 5 wires sticking out of my breast
  • There has to be a better way?!!

Surgery & More Emergency Surgery in one day

  • I develop a gigantic hematoma in the recovery room
  • My left breast begins to swell to the size of a watermelon
  • Bleeding internally
  • Rushed back to OR to stop bleeding
  • Spend the night in the hospital
  • Bruised like a blood blister from neck to hip

Did I have a false positive and have all of these surgeries been unnecessary?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • I see my TCM Acupuncturist who starts me on a custom herbal tea and acupuncture treatments
  • My pre treatment bloodwork shows low levels of T & B Cells
  • 1 month later follow up bloodwork shows my T & B Cells have tripled

Where has the bruise gone?

  • 10 day follow up with Breast Surgeon
  • My bruising is completely healed
  • It should have taken over 6 months to heal
  • Breast Surgeon questions:

– “What else are you doing alternative?”–Why did my body heal so fast? 


  • I share with my breast surgeon my TCM treatments
  • She knows who my acupuncturist is and SUPPORTS my decision to treat alternatively with him
  • She tells me to do everything he suggests
  • But…she finds a very very small amount of DCIS in the pathology results

My Options

  • She tells me that she HAS to tell me that my options are surgery and tamoxifen
  • She tells me that she never wants to operate on my breast again
  • She tells me that she continues to support my decision to watch and wait
  • I will follow her anywhere she goes to get her support

Dented and misshaped left breast

  • Surgery to remove the clips takes out more tissue than the lumpectomy resulting in:

– A very large difference in breast sizes–A big dent in my left breast 

Follow my Breast Surgeon

  • My breast surgeon leaves Dana Farber to head the Department of Breast Surgery at JFK Hospital in South Florida
  • She respects and supports my decision to treat my body using a holistic alternative means not the traditional Western approach to treating DCIS
  • She respects ME as a human being
  • She is my Partner in decision making
  • She Supports ME and my decisions about my body

I learn that…

  • DCIS is NOT breast cancer
  • Therefore DCIS should not be treated the same as Invasive breast cancer
  • Watching and waiting is OK
  • DCIS may or may not become an invasive breast cancer
  • Yearly Thermography and/or Ultrasound instead of Mammograms
  • Mammograms probably caused my DCIS
  • Now, 12 years later, there is PROOF that what I thought and did was RIGHT

If I knew then what I know now

  • I would NEVER have gotten the lumpectomy
  • I would have watched and waited
  • I would NOT have a deformed left breast to remind me daily that I was maimed by the medical system
  • I would have never allowed the medical professionals to push me into a state of fear of dying of breast cancer like my Mom and Aunt when there was ZERO evidence to support it

I hope others can learn from my hard, painful, lessons and prevent what happened to me from happening to any other woman ever again. Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment caused me harm that can never be undone.

About Donna Pinto

I am originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles with my family at age 12. After graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Journalism, I had a short-stint in magazine advertising sales before landing my "dream job" with Club Med. For two years I worked at resorts in Mexico, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and Colorado. My husband Glenn & I met in Ixtapa, Mexico and we embarked on a two year honeymoon around the world. This was also a research project for a book we wrote called "When The Travel Bug Bites: Creative Ways to Earn, Save and Stay Abroad." I am also the author of a quote book for new graduates -- "Cheatnotes on Life: Lessons From The Classroom of Life." In 1997, we settled in San Diego and I was blessed to work part-time from home for non-profit organizations while raising our two boys. In 2010, a DCIS diagnosis changed my life. DCIS 411 is the culmination of my on-going journey and discoveries.
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88 Responses to NO Informed Consent — Harmed by 5 Titanium Clips in Breast — DCIS Patient Shares Her Story and Advocacy

  1. Janet says:

    Dear Lisa, You have an incredible story and sorry to say none of this surprises me. The over treatment of DCIS continues on it seems to be more and more difficult to find any doctors that will listen. I myself was first diagnosed 20 years ago with DCIS at age 44 left breast low to intermediate grade cribriform pattern. It was found on a mammogram. I endured a painful needle localization and two surgeries. My surgeon was so sure I would have to have a mastectomy that he cut me in a vertical direction instead of horizontal and I was so badly bruised. I was told the margin was close but in the end it was recommended that I have radiation. I believe it I hadn’t been so frightened by the surgeon I would not have done radiation. This decision will affect me down the road. I continued with mammograms and in 2012 was diagnosed once again with DCIS in the left breast again in a completely different area so it was considered a new diagnosis and not a reoccurrence. Devastating news to say the least. I had few options and traveled to Boston and was basically told if I were older they would have recommended another lumpectomy and to watch and wait. But because I was younger mastectomy was recommended. I was not happy about it since the DCIS was the same low to intermediate cribriform with some necrosis after a another lumpectomy. The margin was close but not involved. Still they wanted me to do a mastectomy. After being worn down by my doctor and pretty much the same approach from the doctor in Boston and with much reluctance I had the surgery. I had a LD Flap done since it was the best option for me given the many surgeries 4 in all and the damage done to the breast. I was also told that radiation limited my options so this was pretty much all I had left. It turned out pretty well. I hate the scar on my back but it continues to fade and the tightness from the surgery has diminished. The worst part of all was that in the end the final biopsy report turned out to be not only NO SIGN OF CANCER BUT NO RESIDUAL DCIS EITHER!! So I had an unnecessary surgery I could have just had the lumpectomy maybe some repair done, just a terrible outcome. After enduring 9 surgeries altogether including all the lumpectomies and reconstruction and radiation for a non life threatening condition, I made a decision to no longer do mammogram screenings. I lost my left breast I plan to keep my right one that was 7 years ago. I have a physical exam once a year by the breast specialist/surgeon and that is it. I have made peace with my decision and have come to terms with the unnecessary loss of my left breast. I keep active and healthy and so far all is well. I so appreciate your effort and willingness to fight back. I have made a conscious effort to never allow myself to be over treated again. I have no breast cancer history in my family my mom passed away at age 100 in 2015. I only fear that the over treatment will cause me a problem in the future not the tiny DCIS cells. Thank you for sharing and fighting back we all have to question these over the top treatments for non cancer. You will continue to heal it is a lifelong journey.


  2. ann galluzzo says:

    I have a titanium marker now I’m scared


  3. informedconsent2014 says:

    Wow what a story Lisa! And Janet too! It is warriors like you who are moving the goalposts and waking women up about informed consent (that’s been my screen name here on DCIS411 for years!) and overtreatment of DCIS. I had long ago made a decision that I would refuse titanium clips if/when I was ever faced with a lumpectomy decision, and this story just confirms my suspicions. So interesting to know that Dana Farber doesn’t use them at all, because they are aware of the allergic reactions. And Janet, I refused biopsy on microcalcs for eight years, until the radiologists finally admitted this year that the calcs appear to be “benign”. Yay for victory! Watching and waiting is a viable approach and I know that more and more women are going to stand up for themselves and refuse to be panicked into DCIS overtreatment!

    Your stories are empowering! I just wish you hadn’t gone through all the hell you’ve experienced to learn what you’ve learned, but I know it will help others down the road. We are all in this together! Love and light to you!


  4. Joy Stucke says:

    I have had almost all the same experiences as you Lisa!!! I chickened out and did not have the lumpectomy. I won’t go into my whole ordeal but now I have 3 clips. I keep saying they are bothering me but I keep getting told that its impossible. I feel so bad for you and I feel just sick about what has been done to me. You can tell this is just a big money making proposition and the medical community is not going to give this up! They get furious if you question them. Why is there no one tracking the women that choose a different path? They do not want to give up the gravy train. I wish there was like a class action suite that could be brought against them. They made it seem like I was going to die tomorrow. I only have MRI’s now and for three years they can see nothing!


    • Michelle says:

      I have a clip that is causing lots of problems. I am trying to locate a doctor/hospital who is willing to listen and remove clip..Do you have any leads..thanks


      • Shelly Helm says:


        I am having severe res tools too the breast marker clip too. Rashes everywhere, severe flushing and a fast heart beat. I’m getting mine removed after 15 months. This is unreal. Stainless steel buckle clip I was told today when I called yet 15 months ago I was told they put a titanium clip.


      • maryleyendecker says:

        Who is removing the clip?


  5. Laurel says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing all you went through. I also was diagnosed with DciS. I had a lumpectomy and radiation and I have lots of itching in my breast!


  6. Tamar says:

    This website is a huge revelation and help in understanding how to go about dealing with the medical industry. i’ve been having more or less regular mammograms since my late thirties (I have dense breasts) and my last screening revealed micro calcifications in both breasts. There was immense pressure to do an immediate biopsy but I resisted, especially after reading about the titanium clips. Radiologists at Weill Cornell, Breastlink, and Mt. Sinai here in New York, have refused to do a biopsy without the clips and I’ve just been going from one opinion to another without any progress because I won’t give in. Could someone please recommend a less-aggressive doctor in New York City? There simply must be one… Another thing that worries me, is that if I do decide on active surveillance, won’t the extra radiation every 6 months harm me? MRIs apparently can’t detect the microcalcs. I’d greatly appreciate some advice or info as I’m determined not to overtreat myself, but I sill want to make the right choices. Thank you so much for this amazing site and support group!


    • dp4peace says:

      Hi Tamar, glad you have found this site helpful! Are you part of the DCIS Integrative Support Group? I would pose your question there as well


      • Tamar says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! I didn’t know about that group but will make sure to join and ask my question. This kind of communication is so important. Recently found out that a friend who had breast cancer and both breasts removed, had that done due to microcalcifications. I didn’t want to question her or imply that she had perhaps been over treated. She just told me that they had been in spots in many places.


  7. KRS1 says:

    would love to connect. I am scheduled for a core breast lymph node biopsy next week. I just read biopsy paperwork and it mentioned the titanium clip. I am sensitive to everything and do not want one placed. will the doc ignore my wishes? will she refuse the procedure since I’m non-compliant?


  8. Robyn Ouchida says:

    Hi Donna! I am writing a story for the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the misconceptions of DCIS and the placement of titanium markers and would love to get in touch with Lisa Nash. Do you have an email for her? Also, can I reference your website as a resource in my story?


    • dp4peace says:

      Hi Robyn, Yes you can absolutely use my website as a resource in your story! Thank you!! I will connect you and Lisa via email! 🙂 Donna


    • Michelle says:

      Hi Donna, I am in desperate need of any tips for doctors/hospitals that can remove one clip which is causing me great pain and distress. I live on the west coast in WA state. Can you please put me in contact with Lisa, so I may ask her also. thanks, Michelle


  9. Ceciel Halpern says:

    I came across this post whilst researching whether I should request titanium marker not be implanted. I have been told I have dense right breast and after yearly mammogram screenings with same comments, I moved to Florida where all of a sudden same mammogram reading done by seemingly overzealous hospital sounded alarms that I needed a diagnostics mammogram. So I had that done and then they said they want me to have an ultrasound and still not sure (although nothing has changed in mammograms for 29 years) so they sent me to have biopsy done. I know with 100% certainty I am allergic to nickel, copper, titanium and ultrasound doctor said there is no way the ultrasound guided biopsy can be done without a marker. I said I don’t want to have something in me which in the past caused me to go into anaphylactic shock and he said I have no choice. How can this be??? Why can I not have an ultrasound guided biopsy done without titanium marker? I’m not showing signs of any breast cancer other than doctors (3) saying “well, we don’t know so let’s have a biopsy done every 6 months”! Is this normal to go through this? Not to mention the cost of all these diagnostics which still show nothing other than the same thing as last 20 years.

    Please! Can someone reach out to me cause I’m so frustrated over this. I don’t want to play Dr. Google but at the same time if I don’t want to have something implanted in me which I know has caused severe issues, is it really impossible to have this done without a marker?


    • Krisha D says:

      Michelle did you locate a Dr in FL. I’m in SFL and still looking for one.


      • Noconsent says:

        I found a dr at Cleveland clinic in Weston dr Margaret Thompson, her reviews are phenomenal. One visit with her, no hesitation from her she politely nodded & said she could remove the clips. only problem is that insurance won’t cover removing them. Doesn’t matter that you have consistent pain, inflammation, swelling, rash I can continue… I hope this helps you.


  10. Ida Gunderson says:

    Thank you for writing down your story! It has made a critical difference in my life and I am very grateful. Yesterday I was told I need a needle biopsy but the Radiologist did not inform me about the titanium marker clip. The scheduler quickly mentioned the titanium marker clip and when I asked about it saying that The Dr. had not said anything about it, this person said it was nothing to worry about and added that titanium is not a metal! Oh my God! She argued with me when I told her that titanium is a metal! I felt fear and creeping suspicion occupy my thoughts. I started looking around the internet and among other articles and images, I found your article and immediately went and cancelled my appointment, which will not be rescheduled without further discussion with my doctor and then maybe not at all.

    Please accept a very big thank you for telling your story. You saved me a great deal of worry and anguish. God bless your Heart and Soul.
    Ida G.


  11. Christina Cofran says:

    Hello Lisa, my name is Christina Cofran. I’ve been diagnosed with Granulomatous Mastitis and have also had several titanium clips/markers left in my breast tissue. This morning, one of them painfully pushed itself out. I’m curious what if any progress has been made in trying to get this bill passed so that patients have a more clear understanding and a right to decide what gets put into their bodies. I’m from California and wanted to look into this in my own state. Thank you for sharing your journey. I’m so sorry for your pain. I too feel like so many unnecessary procedures were done to me because of Doctors initially mistaking my disease for Cancer. Best wishes to you.


    • Kerry-Ann Cannon says:

      I had a chip inserted about 7 years ago it always felt like a pea inside my right upper chest area. This July it got large and infected inside. Looked like a bug bite. I went to the GP and he said hot compresses and drain the site. I drained it for 3 days and the contents that came out were infection and what appears to be surgical gause and 3 tiny metal pieces which I kept for a biopsy. I have knee pain and right shoulder pain.The site is still red and purple and there is hard lumps under the site. I am seeing a doctor again tomorrow hopefully she can lance the area and remove the remaining contents, I have never felt so sick I am wondering now if this was the chip migrating to the surface.


      • Donna Pinto says:

        How awful!!!! I am so sorry. Hope you find healing and relief SOON. Thank you for sharing your story here. More women need to speak out if they have been harmed by medical procedures. Many women have issues and sharp pains, yet health-care providers often downplay negative effects of clips left in the breast. Blessings to you and all for health and peace, Donna


  12. Valda Metcalfe says:

    I too have had vaccum invasive biopsy on my left breast, my mother had breast cancer at 71, and surgery to remove her breast and died at 79, my you her sister died this year from various cancers including breast lung and cervical cancer, I month after her death I underwent my biopsy, they detected cancer cells. I had a clip inserted into my breast. No cancer was found. That procedure was in March, 2019, now it’s December 16 th 2019 and I have been in constant pain, burning in breast, feeling nipples pinching, can’t sleep on left side and problem with pain in left arm. I now have to see a specialist about removal of clip, I’m allergic to jewellry, I also had no choice but to agree to a clip.


  13. Quirkeinstein says:

    This is horrific that they are doing this. Does anyone know if they are implanting titanium markers at Breast Screening Assessments?

    I went to one 6 months ago with healthy breasts. I came out in absolute agony. The Sonographer had subjected me to a surgical procedure without my consent and I had no prior knowledge they would be doing his. I tried to halt the process as I thought I was just getting an ultrasound. She plunged a needle in me with no anaesthetic anyway and it was agony and she made a mistake and my breast started filling with blood. It was horrific then she plunged the needle in again and then said she couldn’t get all the blood out so I had a hematoma.I was sent away saying this was like a bruise on the leg. No way. It is like a stabbing. Horrific. My breast swole to nearly twice the size and turned black and blue for months. I had fever, pain, burning, stinging, numbness, pins and needles and lump on back of knee. It was all dismissed plus wrong info written about what I was saying.

    I have been in searing, stabbing pain, burning and stinging since then. 10 courses of antibiotics, lots of different pain killers nothing is working. It feels like there is a foreign object in my body. Anyone any advice? I was subjected to what is known as a triple assessment. All it said in the letter I got was “assessment”.

    I had no history of any breast problems and never had any pain. I had found a small lump and went to doctor and she said it was probably a hormonal cyst and said she was referring me to get it looked at. Within 2 weeks I had an appointment. In that 2 weeks I got my period and the lump totally dissolved. It was barely there at all. I kept appointment out of courtesy and told the nurse I was not worried but didnt mind a hand examination. She said no you have to go for further examination. At most I expected a mammogram. At no point did I expect this needle procedure and I did not give my consent for it.

    I have been immobilised with stabbing, burning, stinging pain since this and it feels like there is something inside me. It’s been a nightmare trying to get doctors and hospitals to take me seriously regarding the pain. I have had a terrible time with this which I am going to write about. But I literally cannot take the pain. It is 24 / 7. Worse is that the people that did this to me are now denying stuff plus making up lies and I urgently need help with this. It has ruined my life. I never thought I had breast cancer and thought the assessment would be learning about cysts but none of the medics knew anything at all about cysts. It’s the most horrific and traumatising experience of my life and I have been unable to function since. I have still not received trauma counselling. And it seems the whole medical establishment have closed ranks against me because I made a complaint. No one has told me what they did to me and how to recover. I never had pain in my breast before I went in. I need to know what is happening in my body.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I have to get a biopsy next week and was told I’d need a clip put in. Having a foreign object stay in me forever seems wrong so I’m glad I found some other points of view. I’m wondering if I can just have the biopsy without the clip?

    However, are you sure about Dana Farber’s policy? It says they place titanium clips during biopsies right on their website.


  15. Kelly dacey says:

    Hi I’m so happy to find your story I’m sorry for what you’ve been through but grateful to know it’s brought you to this good place here and now. I recently received a diagnosis of needing a biopsy on my right breast and I’m against the breast marker immediately I am looking to you for guidance as well as seeing how to start a holistic booby campaign no joke my grandmother died of breast cancer I have long stories I could tell I hope this message finds you well thank you for listening


  16. Amanda Cochran says:

    Dear Lisa, This same thing happened to me. I think I’m allergic to Titanium. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about this. I would love to talk to you. Thank you for your courage to share this


  17. mizleague says:

    Lisa…I’m so glad I found your blog! Tomorrow morning I go in for a left breast biopsy. I apparently misunderstood and thought the titanium markers were the next step after the lab results were received. But, they confirmed that the plan was to insert the markers tomorrow. I panicked! The person on the phone said I could Google them and see that they are safe. So I Googled and read an article about one woman’s allergic reaction to titanium ( I had prayed for guidance and after reading that article the next one was yours, Lisa. After I finished reading your story I was able to breathe. I was about to cancel my appointment for tomorrow but I will keep it now and make sure that they understand I do not want the markers. I hope they will support that decision because I don’t want to go back to square one. I too have decided that if it’s cancerous I will pursue alternative therapies. I started cleaning up my diet two months ago and have started working with my naturopathic doctor to heal my body overall. One thing I have heard from many people is that healing from cancer, or anything else, involves taking an emotional inventory. To that end, I’ve started working with a counselor and I’ve already started the work to heal past hurts and the opinions or beliefs I’ve formed as a result. I am so thankful I found this blog as well as the other women on here whose remarks/comments are also valuable and I look forward to reading your other blog posts!


  18. DAWN says:

    I just had a biopsy done last week and before I could say ANYTHING they put the clips in….my breast is now sore and I can feel where the clips are…I will have them removed..I am beyond pissed and I won’t let this go!


  19. Tiffani says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I feel awful for the pain you endured. I thank God for using you to warn other women about the health care industry.

    I had my first mammogram today. I’m 45. (I know. A little late.) But, I had no history of breast cancer on either side of the family. So, I thought I was fine. I have dense breast tissue which normally feel lumpy/ painful during my period. Two weeks ago, I noticed a painful lump that was harder than usual in the left breast during my period. After my period, it was still there and hurt like hell. Today, I go in for a mammogram and ultrasound ordered by my doctor.

    Crazy thing is…the radiologist tell me there’s nothing to worry with the left breast. Yet, she couldn’t tell me exactly what the lump was or why it caused pain. She never confirmed a cyst. She just said it look like tissue. BUT, she tells me they found small calcifications on the RIGHT breast. WHAT??? Mind you, I didn’t come in for the right breast. She said the calcifications were super tiny (1cm). But, they wanted me to come back in a week for a biopsy. The scheduler mentioned while looking at dates the titanium clips being inserted (the doctor never did)!

    I’m grateful for your article. I did NOT feel comfortable when the scheduler mentioned a foreign object being placed in my body. Not to mention, the radiologist stated the calcifications were so tiny it didn’t necessarily mean they were cancerous. So, why the rush on the biopsy??? QUESTION LADIES: My radiologist never showed me the calcifications on the mammogram report or image. She only mentioned they saw it. Matter of fact, I wasn’t given a report, cd, or ANYTHING when I left the hospital. I was only given a recommendation letter to get the biopsy. Is that normal???? I would greatly appreciate your input!


  20. Sylvia Peck says:

    Thank you.


  21. Margaret Porter says:

    Hopefully this isn’t too old to leave a message. I an going thru this same thing right now. I can’t believe they left anything in my body without my consent. This is just wrong. I don’t know what to do. My surgeon has recently been transferred to a different state.


  22. Great Blog. This blog is highly informative and helpful for all internet users. Keep sharing this type of info.


    • Donna Pinto says:

      Thank you for your update informedconsent!! I would add that it might be in everyone’s best interest to consider automated whole breast ultrasound (AWBUS) — which is useful for finding small INVASIVE cancer, especially if one has “dense breast tissue” (50% do). Mammograms can not decipher ADH from low grade DCIS or high grade DCIS or INVASIVE cancer! That’s one of the reasons the US has especially has such high biopsy rates!! Dr. Esserman told me the in the US we biopsy everything!! Very challenging for anyone looking to monitor long-term. There are also radiation harms to consider as well as gadolinium contrast dye if using MRI. Always the trade-offs, but this is not explained well and there are many factors why some things are pushed more heavily. I would love to hear updates from more women. I am working on my 11 year update. Have had only clear imaging for 10+ years despite being told my breast was like “spoiled soup” and “not worth saving.” I have proven this doctor wrong! 🙂


  23. Maya Rose says:

    I had a biopsy about ten days ago, following an ultrasound where they weren’t particularly suspicious but just couldn’t get a good enough look. I wasn’t informed about the titanium chip until I was lying topless on the table, and I was very apprehensive but at that point felt caught, and ultimately went along with it after the doctor said the biopsy wouldn’t be performed without the marker. I have autoimmune issues that I’ve been dealing with pretty successfully in a completely alternative manner for about two years. Biopsy showed the lump was indicative of autoimmune disease, but benign. It healed really well, and I had very minimal pain for the first week after, but a few days ago started to feel it. I’m willing to believe that I could have just aggravated the sight of entry, and it’ll resolve itself with a little time. But I also feel strongly that, particularly with my issues surrounding inflammation, it’s possible my body is reacting to the titanium. My doctor was unwilling to admit that the pain could be related to the biopsy at all, which is crazy to me. What’s crazy also is how little can be found online about reactions to the chips/removal of them. I’m 25, and refuse to live the rest of my life with a foreign object in my body if it’s going to cause me pain! I plan to contact Dana Farber, because I want at least the peace of mind of knowing that if it needs to come out, there is a doctor somewhere who will do it. But if anyone has any other resources to recommend…..I would be very grateful!


    • Donna Pinto says:

      So sorry to hear this. It is unacceptable to treat women this way. Please share what you find here and also on post on FB group “DCIS Integrative Support & Empowerment.” Blessings to you! xoxo Donna


    • Amanda Cochran says:

      I just posted below, but then I read your comment.

      It’s so interesting that you say that about autoimmune. My clip was put in about 4 years ago. I was healthy for my whole life with the exception of one case of mono and an appendectomy. Now, in the last two years I literally have the symptoms of every autoimmune disease in the book. Yet no diagnosis. Last night I went to the ER because I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. They said nothing was wrong with me except for something with the Warfarin blood thinner. (I don’t take blood thinner!) That started me into thinking. Are we sure this breast clip is just a clip? I want it out now. Besides the allergies, I’m starting to worry that maybe we’ve been tagged as having genetic markers for autoimmune diseases.


    • Amanda Cochran says:

      It’s so interesting that you say that about autoimmune. My clip was put in about 4 years ago. I was healthy for my whole life with the exception of one case of mono and an appendectomy. Now, in the last two years I literally have the symptoms of every autoimmune disease in the book. Yet no diagnosis. Last night I went to the ER because I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. They said nothing was wrong with me except for something with the Warfarin blood thinner. (I don’t take blood thinner!) That started me into thinking. Are we sure this breast clip is just a clip? I want it out now. Besides the allergies, I’m starting to worry that maybe we’ve been tagged as having genetic markers for autoimmune diseases.


    • Noinformedconsent says:

      Did you have the clips removed?


  24. Lisa Dougherty says:

    I never leave comments but your story left me in tears. I went for a “baseline” mammogram when I was 35 at the recommendation of my doctor. They found five micro calcifications but insisted I have a biopsy. I don’t remember what it was called, but I laid face down and there was a whole where my breast was compressed. They did five biopsies, like core samples. They missed and didn’t get any samples. I was screaming at her to stop but they wouldn’t. They did five more. I too ended up with a hematoma, thankfully it healed on its own. Of course they were just micro calcifications. It was barbaric and traumatizing. Then I found out on follow up mammogram that they inserted a titanium clip. I’m angry that I wasn’t informed. I never had an allergic reaction but I do occasionally have a stinging sensation. It’s scary to have any pain but my last thermography was normal so I try not to worry. I’m a believer in alternative medicine and hadn’t considered acupuncture. If I’d only known then what I know now I wouldn’t have done any of it. Thank you for sharing your story


  25. Amanda Cochran says:

    I am completely with you. It’s all so devastating to begin with- then to realize that you’ve been tagged like a feral cat with a “breast clip.” No informed consent. And you’re right. I’m allergic to that damn metal. I am scratching at my breast all day. Pulling my bra off in the car on the way home. There’s always a rash. And pretty much since that little surgery, my body’s never been the same. My metabolism slowed. My digestion slowed. I’m just so sad. Who will remove the clip? Does anyone know? Suffice to say, I’m not getting any feedback from the hospitals. They tell me it can’t be removed.
    Well, thanks for listening. Amanda


  26. Shellie says:

    I received a clip from a biopsy, the doctor told me about it as he was literally in the middle of doing the biopsy…I did not sign or consent to anything like that beforehand. I just quickly agreed because I was scared in the moment of them putting it in…it gives me pain when it’s my time of month and I hate that it’s inside of me. Thank you for this story.


  27. Dan Jensen says:

    Thank you for your story.
    I have 8 clips in my lounge.
    Just got back, the answer, on my allergy test.
    I am testet positive for titanium allergy.
    8 years of inflammationand myosis all over my upper back and neck, arms, shoulders.
    Looking foreward to seeing whats next.
    Friendly regards Dan


  28. SUSAN says:

    I had a breast biopsy 2 months ago and am having allergic systems and pain.
    I have called local breast center in Massachusetts threes times. I was told give it time. Last week they said call you PCP, I have a ultrasound this Tuesday.
    The clip was never discussed until I was on the table. It was like they were selling something, I was told the clip was harmless? But nessacary. Everyday I am reminded of the biopsy, I have pulling, a lump I never had, tingling, fullness or swelling. I woke up one morning with a rash all over my face.


  29. Michelle says:

    Hi Lisa,
    This is exactly my story, my only difference is that I started my research on titanium clips after the biopsy but before my surgery. I didn’t like having foreign objects left in my body, I was really beside myself with anger that I was told of this. I expressed my concerns with the oncologist and he assured me that they would be removed. I was even ask after surgery if I want a breast augmentation, by this time my trust level with doctors was 0. It wasn’t explained to why, and I didn’t ask questions, my mind went straight to that everybody was trying to make money off me instead of this surgeon knew something that I didn’t, and was really there on my behalf, I just wish he explained to me he reasoning for suggesting the augmentation. It was never explain that after the fact that I would look deformed with one breast being smaller than the other. Reading your story started me thinking that my biopsy was never malignant. It’s been 8 yrs, w/ no chemo, radiation etc., Just surgery.
    What brings me back to this sight is, I was considering getting a teeth implants, to discover that titanium is what’s used to stabilize the tooth in gums. No thank you, I think I’ll pass. At this point, we have to research everything in advance, even something as small as ordering online. Research & asking questions could have saved us a lot of heart ache & pain. Be bless ladies and gentlemen


  30. Cynthia says:

    Hello I’m so sorry for what you went through. I can understand and feel your pain as well. I have a chip in my right breast and it has been two years and I have experienced and experience pain in my breast as well as this burning that feels light it is on fire. I can not sleep on my right side. You are right there is something wrong.


  31. Elaine says:

    Hello Ladies, This site is a revelation to me! I had DCIS and a lumpectomy plus radiation five years ago. I have had A LOT of pain and very limited range of movement in my left shoulder ever since the surgery. My GP has refused to get me an x-ray for years, dismissing it as arthritis. Well, I’ve had so much pain recently in my hips and both shoulders that I can’t sleep at night. I’ve had to grovel for some diagnostic treatment. FINALLY I had my shoulders x-rayed today and the results came back as “severe glenohumeral osteoarthiosis in both shoulders” and “surgical clips that project in the left axilla.” I’m thinking these were left after my lumpectomy. I too had no idea this was done. The pain and limited range of motion in my left shoulder has increased by the year. I am so angry that my doctor just poo-pooed me repeatedly and kept referring me to physical therapy where therapists hurt me and handed me a list of exercises to do!


  32. Youlanda says:

    Lisa, you are a God send. Thank you for publicizing your story. I was told two weeks ago I had calification clusters in the right breast, and they would have to put a titanium marker, and if I don’t get it and the biospy comes out positive the would have to take the right breast off. Reading your story has made me feel ok with “watching and waiting”, and I’ve reached out for a second opinion. I definitely don’t want anything foeign in my body except a baby, lol.
    If the second opinion says I need biospy I will , but I will not get a MARKER.

    Thank you, and I’m sorry you had to to endure this, but everyone has a testimony for God’s grace.

    Blesdings to you in Jesus Christ Mighy name, Amen!



  33. Nicola says:

    Hi there! I wish I read this sooner. I recently had a stereotactic breast biopsy and a marker was implanted without my permission. I am livid. I think they may have implanted a microchip because I am mentally disabled. In 2016, the Senate and House voted to implant the mentally disabled against their will. I want it removed. I am looking for ways to do so. Thank you for your story.


  34. Monica says:

    Biopsy Marker

    Lisa, I’m sorry to hear what you went through.
    I had a problem with a biopsy marker as well.

    I was told about the marker ahead of time, and I was convinced as it is a good thing for the future exam, also very safe and I won’t feel it.

    But I had a sharp pain at the site after the biopsy for 1 year. Doctor kept telling me it’s from the inflammation. Yes, still the area had an inflammation after 1 year.

    And a few weeks ago, something was sticking out from the area, and I thought it was a blood clot or something like that. And I tried to clean it – and it ended up the biopsy marker was sticking out from the site and I pulled it out without realizing!!

    It is very tiny, so even I felt the “stuff” is very hard, I didn’t think it was the biopsy marker. But it looked like silver color. So just in case, I tried to use a magnifying glass to see it. And then I found out it was the biopsy marker which was embedded 1 year ago. I freaked out.

    My doctor said it is not possible, but we have the photos of my breast with an inflammation for last 1 1/2 years, few photos of the marker sticking out from the site, and the actual biopsy marker with my skin attached.

    And after the biopsy marker came out, finally my breast started healing. No more pains or inflammations. I can sleep though a night without pains.

    So, even the doctors say “very safe and you don’t feel it”, that is not always true.
    I definitely had pains everyday, every night, and it kept waking me up when I’m sleeping. It didn’t go away even after 1 year + few weeks.

    So if anyone is reading this page to research, to see if your pain or itchiness at the biopsy marker site is an allergic reaction, it could be.
    If the biopsy site doesn’t heal for a long period of time, and you are wondering if it’s an allergic reaction, it could be.

    * Allergic reactions to a biopsy marker actually happens.
    * Some people actually feel pains because of the biopsy marker.

    So you should talk to your doctor, if you have pains, itchiness, inflammations at the biopsy clip site.
    If your doctor doesn’t listen, try another one.
    I suffered for 1 year +, because of a tiny biopsy clip.
    You don’t need to follow my path!


    • Donna Pinto says:

      OMG so sorry to hear this! Thank you for sharing your story and alerting others. If you would like to write a guest blog post and show photos, please email me:
      Many women are uninformed and also NOT BELIEVED when they report pain potentially from biopsy clip to their doctors. I am happy you are feeling better now. Wow. Sending you much love and light. Bless you.


  35. Neverhadconsent says:

    The exact situation happened to me. I’m also in south Florida. Pressured into a biopsy after a mammogram because of micro calcification.

    2019 I was healthy with healthy breasts. I came out in absolute agony. The Sonographer had subjected me to a surgical procedure without my consent or explanation. it was agony she kept running back to the X-ray over & over & I was concerned how much radiation my neck was now getting. I kept asking why I was in much pain & she wouldn’t respond.
    My left breast is still swollen with a rash and I had fever, pain, burning, & my left arm ached for a year. It was all dismissed. I went to a breast surgeon who told me my left breast must have always been like this!
    I have been trying to get the clips removed for two years since I’m in extreme pain but they refuse. I have been back twice even during Covid for a sonogram since I’m in too much pain for a mammogram & they tell me Im healing better but don’t see a cause for the pain. They know the cause for the pain.

    First they told me 3 titanium clips then 2 in my left breast
    Placed in my breast without my informed consent- no discussion. I would never have allowed foreign object in my body.
    I have been in pain for 2 years & they refuse to remove the clips. Not a day goes by that I’m not in pain & it all started at my biopsy which like yours was only requested because of microscopic calcification.
    As a patient when we ask questions we deserve answers. How many women need to suffer before This procedure should be terminated? Why is it okay for a radiologist to insert foreign objects into a patient without consent?


  36. unique says:

    Good Afternoon
    Do you mind telling me what TCM herbal tea you use. I been recently diagnosed with DSIS.


  37. Bonnie Kase says:

    Thank you Lisa Nash
    I had a breast reduction in 2010. I been itching and burning for many years Until recently I looked at my mammogram and saw at least 10 clips in each breast. I went back to the doctor and he became very angry and called me a liar that he never put clips in my breasts until I told him I saw my mammogram. Then he said the tech never should have shown me. I. Called many doctors no one will take them out. I think they are metal since I amhighly allergic disincentive I have titanium plates in my neck with no problem not unless the clips has done buckle in it. I cannot wear a bra for anything pressing against me will cause severe burning and itching and several have moved and picking out. I the pain is unbelievable I contacted the medical society and sent them the mammogram disk. They said nothing will be done unless more complaints come in. Thank you for your story. Sorry this happened to you


    • bonniek70 says:

      I should add the scars are quite thick so the doctor blamed my problems on the scars prior to me finding the truth. I wondered since the breast reduction I never had draining tubes like everyone else ( he put so many in each breast and around the nipples. If I even have a nickel touch my skin my skin I swell. My friend. Had these clips in her for 20 years. She left ny to go to Florida where the clips got rusty and she passed from the infection Something needs to be done even though the statue of limitation has passed since our doctors lied to us so this method needs to stop


      • Donna Pinto says:

        Thank you for sharing. So sad and truly seems criminal 😦


      • bonniek70 says:

        Thank you. Sad to hear so many women are suffering. I Called several breast surgeons. They all said no. Told me to see a plastic surgeon. Called them. They said to contact a breast surgeon or go back to the doctor who originally put them in? What! He yelled and called me a liar and I reported to to the medical society – go back to him?
        Hope you all stay safe ❤️


  38. Louann Schiavone says:

    Are there currently any law suites im a victim of this and am having a hard time.


  39. Mary says:


    Thank you so much for your story. I have 3 gall bladder clips and have been sick since 2013. Mayo Clinic x2 and Cleveland clinics x2. I have been told “the medical community is done with you.” I cannot find anyone to remove my clips. Can you help?


  40. vena e premru says:

    I had right lumpectomy in 2019 and was not told about the 2 3 by 3 bio markers. I have been having a lot of pain. The surgeon has brushed me off saying she is retiring in September and can not take them out. Has anyone filed a lawsuit?


  41. vena e premru says:

    I am in Clearwater Florida. Had 2 markers put in 2019 and have had severe pain and itching. The surgeon said no one has ever complained about pain and she would not take them out because she is retiring in September. Has anyone filed a lawsuit?


  42. Antoinette says:

    Thank you for sharing. I just had a biopsy today and once they shows and told me about the marker I declined. My friend was with me and she wasn’t down for it either. Then I called my husband and he said hell no! After my friend left the room and the doc came in, he tried to convince me and then was about to deny me the procedure because I refused the marker. He said he didn’t feel comfortable giving me the procedure unless I had the marker and asked my why I refused. I said I just refuse and I have my own reasons. You can’t deny me after waiting months to get this appointment when we just want to see what’s happening. We don’t know whether I have cancer or not or if i’m willing to do surgery or not. How about some options here.


  43. henry says:

    I am French and in our country, how can I say, it’s difficult to be treated with informed consent. I went through the same thing as this lady and I am still in the middle of it.
    My breast expelled 3, I still have 2 left.
    I take silicea 30ch in homeopathy.
    I am appalled by what I have experienced for so many years.
    Can you give me some advice on what I could do to follow up on these specialists and other people who have simply closed their eyes?
    Sincerely, Mrs. Henry

    Translated with (free version)


  44. Madhavi b says:

    Am so thankful for this detailed painful, narrative Lisa, gosh had tears reading the pain of frustration equally bigger.
    The level of vulnerability we face, initimidation , fear of misinformation leading to coercive consent, manipulative consent is tiring frustrating, disappointing & medical betrayal.
    Am trying to understand why the clips need full surgery for removal while placing them is walk ins.
    Am suffering from severe pain since it was inserted in 2019..before I could recognize this pain talk my mind into it lockdown hit & niw been 2 years.
    I was going through very severe pain had a hysterectomy & needes clear chit before that..i was in no position to understand what was going with my body & this lump they subjected me trauma, false information & in between somewhere inserted the clip.
    I want this yet to start my 1st step of a followup…but this heavy pain drags me down, wakes me up a night…complete sabotage to normal routine.

    Is there any link to understand how to talk to whom to ralk to..i xant recollect anything from that time of life as was in severe pain for my uterus & did whatever was required to get my life back.

    I want this pin out. Its 4am am awake in pain..the fear of running between doctors hospirals is why we bear this discomfort..time money both kill us along the way. Am in NJ any recommendations to where or how to start appreciated. I need to go for follow up mammogram but due to covid fears totally confused how to start as my memory fades about what or who the doctors were.


  45. Emily says:

    I wanted to ask your advice…I recently had my 1st mammogram at age 44 after breastfeeding for almost 10 years (3 kids for 3 yrs each). I am also quite small and thin with small breasts. They found dense breast with microcalcifications and recommended a compression mammogram. The radiologist then said I have a rad 4 calcification on my left side behind the nipple smaller than a pen tip and a rad 3 same size in same place on my right side. They recommended a core needle biospy to learn if it was dcis though said it might be tricky because of my size. I started reading about the biopsy procedure and found your story. I have reactions to earrings of all types and have other metal sensitivities. I have since gone to 4 different breast care centers in MI to request a biopsy without titanium markers and no one will allow it…Do you have any resources or advice for my situation? I am currently seeing a natropath in addition to my regular doctor. Thank you for any guidance you can offer!


    • Donna Pinto says:

      If it were me I would seek out an ultrasound on the area they say is BIRADS 4. Mammograms are not good with dense breast tissue and then there is radiation snd compression issues. Find a radiologist that is good at finding INVASIVE cancer and do not look for DCIS. Read my blog post on Too many biopsies!


      • Emily says:

        Thank you so much for the advice! I will ask my PCP to order an ultrasound, hopefully he will…When all of this started, my husband and I were trying for another baby. I’m now in a hard place with not knowing if it is safe to even get pregnant with calcifications…the radiologist told me I shouldn’t try anymore. It was really heartbreaking to hear. My PCP said if my biopsy was benign I could safely get pregnant. If I get the ultrasound and keep monitoring, would it be safe to go through a pregnancy with potential dcis?


    • Deb says:

      I had core needle biopsy 2 years ago. To this very day I am in daily constant pain. Pain consists of shooting pain, rash that won’t go away, tenderness, swollen breast. I’m sure she clipped my nerve as I was healthy before this procedure. Suddenly I have peripheral neuropathy from the nerve damage. This procedure ruined my body as it was worst decision I ever made, although I was unaware they would insert clips in me. Wish you the best.


  46. Susan Dentzau says:

    I understand your pain.. I was in tremendous pain after a core biopsy. I called the office for numerous times, months after, they finally gave me a ultrasound and could see where the needles went through.
    I went to see a breast specialist, it was there she explained that with a core biopsy two needles are injected and that they may have hit nerve? She gave me a prescription for gabapenton and that was the last time I went back, they said it would not get better. I still have pain every so often. I’m sorry you have this pain and understand.


  47. CRISTAL says:

    I am experiencing so many different things in my body after a titanium marker was put in in each of my breast. itchiness, dry patches, swollen areas, tingling in my tongue, and other parts of body. My skin gets so red if I barely scratch it or touch it. Its like a writing paper… anything i do it will appear super red and swollen. Can someone refer a doctor in ventura county that would remove the titanium markers please 😦


    • Donna Pinto says:

      So sorry Christal. I do not know of a Dr. in Ventura County. Maybe try reaching out to Kristi Funk in LA and asking if she knows of anyone close to you. She seems to be compassionate and holistic-minded. Please keep us posted if you find anyone. Best wishes and big hug, Donna


  48. Heather says:

    I’m so sorry you went through this. And I feel for all of you in the comments! I am scheduled for 2 biopsies of my right breast due to calcification (my first mammograms age51). Today I was told I can have ceramic markers i stead of metal. Has anyone heard of ceramic markers?
    Now I’m seriously thinking of watching and waiting a while before committing to biopsies. It’s so overwhelming. All the best to all of you.


  49. Lynda says:

    I recently learned 7 clips were put in during mastectomy 12 years ago. Now I know why I have suffered all this time. Last mo. I had a core biopsy. Was not asked if I wanted a clip. I would have rejected it as I would have before if I had known. It is at the edge of the implant. I am having problems. Probably is in bone or worst area by now. Radiologist informed me of previous ones showing up in 6 yr. old exray when I saw the one he put on paperwork I was sent home with.
    Did you sue for malpractice ?


    • Josette says:

      I had a needle core biopsy in 2014. A breast clip was placed to mark the area.
      I have had breast pain, burning, arm pain, etc that has just gotten worse & worse. I never even considered the clip could be causing this. Now, after reading these comments, I want it OUT. I’m quite sure my own GYN will poopoo my theory.
      I’m in Maryland. Does anyone have a breast surgeon recommendation? This is sadly affecting my daily quality of life.


  50. Amy Henderson says:

    Love this! Wow! I found you because I was researching this “ titanium clip” —I put my biopsy off a week to research this —I actually told this Duke Doctor that a VA doctor had just educated me on most cysts, fibroid tumors and tumors were caused by iron deficiency —I said I’m a “ Cause and Effect” thinker Doc. He acted like what I said was far fetched —I said we are made up of minerals so we must put them back in our body and realized he wasn’t really into curing a problem. I’ve upped my seaweed and iodine intake to 150% a day —saw some science that this amount can shrink tumors in 90 days. Thank you for fighting Lisa! And for this information!! Amy Henderson ( North Carolina)


  51. Kristin Coleman says:

    Please help, I asked to opt out of the marker implant and was told I could not have my biopsy done. I am looking for a doctor or hospital that will do my biopsy here in Chicago.


  52. Jerry says:

    A friend of mine had clips left in that are causing a severe reaction. She was never informed that clips would be left in. This happened in TN. Her doctor refuses to remove them. She found a doctor in Miami that will remove them. I thought this would fall under medical malpractice because the doctor 1) did not inform her about the clips and 2)refuses to correct his mistake. It’s the same thing that happened to Lisa. My friend contacted a lawyer who said that their doctor on staff said that clips are normal procedure and they wouldn’t be taking the case. It doesn’t sound right to me. Did you ever seek malpractice?


  53. Devin says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I wonder if you would have gotten the biopsy knowing what you know now?


  54. Beaches says:

    What’s bizarre is that the radiologist who told me I should maybe have a biopsy never mentioned a clip, but in the records it says the patient was informed of details of the procedure. I found out through Google that this was commonly done, then verified in my records that clips would be placed.

    I’m not opposed to them on principle and the alternative – not catching something early – is not good, but it seems weird that this wasn’t discussed, considering they’re implanting something.

    Why not be direct about these clips? If they’re worried people will be concerned, that’s not a good reason to be evasive – just explain the risks and statistics of low risk, just like for vaccines, which people can also be hesitant about.

    I’m most surprised that this isn’t more of a patients rights issue, it should be required to go through all of this. Of course, maybe they do right before doing the procedure, but in my case, it wasn’t included when the radiologist explained what would happen, and had I been prepped and ready to go, with all of the anxiety surrounding that, and it had been sprung on me, I probably would have gone with it. I suppose that is why they don’t tell you before the biopsy day. It gave me a bad taste in my mouth and caused me to get a second opinion to make sure it was necessary.


  55. Jonnie Ben says:

    I had a biopsy a number of years ago and despite having annual mammograms today was the 1st day somebody asked me about having the previous biopsy and I wondered how they knew since it wasn’t with the same medical insurance organization. She said oh there’s a marker left in your breast from when they do the biopsy. I never agreed to have any piece of anything left in my body and I’m really upset by this. I’ve had issues with breast pain and other things having no idea that this was a potential cause. I also had plastic surgery to remove breast tissue growth in my armpit after the biopsy.


    • Donna Pinto says:

      So sorry to hear of your experience. This is appalling. Thank you for sharing. Women need to be fully informed and this apparently is not the case. Some women seek out surgeons to remove the clips. Not an easy task but there are surgeons who will do it. One Dr. who was recommended is Dr Beth Ann Lesnikowski, Jacksonville, FL.
      Blessings for healing mind, body, spirit! xo


  56. Lourdes Dorr says:

    Hi there!
    I found this by google.
    I was thinking for moments was my story 😞
    I was just diagnosed with DCIS stage 0
    on February 24 2023 and since then I’m in a nightmare. I stop and I’m pausing because they want me to have multiples biopsies more with MRI and the another one with the mammogram . I already had 2 biopsies
    They want to continue and continue
    I don’t even know what to do.
    The surgeon even suggested remove my breast
    I cried so hard this entire month
    They placed 2 clips that give me pain like pinching and I can’t sleep in that side.
    Thank you for all your advises and sharing your journey.


    • Donna Pinto says:

      so sorry to hear. good you have stopped and have found this site. Hope you find help and support here. Sometimes doing nothing and getting more informed is what you need to do. Hope the pain resolves. Sending a bug hug


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