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DCIS is NOT Breast Cancer — An Online Support Group Leading a Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”

DCIS – Is Not Breast Cancer! — an online support group created in 2020 — has quickly attracted over 1.5k women with approximately 25 new requests to join each week. Continue reading

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The Case for NO TREATMENT of Low-risk DCIS 

“Many DCIS lesions will never progress to IBC during the patient’s lifetime [3]. Biopsy review studies of patients where DCIS was initially misdiagnosed as benign and thus not treated after biopsy suggest that up to 85% of all DCIS will … Continue reading

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Overdiagnosis – “That’s Not Even a Word”

I remember in 2012, when I first came across the term “overdiagnosis,” I told my dad that I felt this is what had happened to me. His reply to me was: “Donna that’s not even a word.” I said, “Dad, this … Continue reading

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Lions, Tigers and Fears — the Cultural Problem of DCIS

“There’s a hysteria around breast cancer. The extremism that sometimes comes into play in DCIS treatment decision making is a ‘cultural problem.’ This is not a life-threatening problem.”   – Dr. Anne Partridge, MD, MPH, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Shock + Scary … Continue reading

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Reflections on My 12 Year DCIS Anniversary…

On this day, January 19, 2010 — 12 years ago — I was given a diagnosis that brought my happy life to a screeching halt. I had never heard of DCIS before, but from the moment a nurse told me … Continue reading

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My Doctor Told Me: “Your Breast is Like Spoiled Soup… It’s Not Worth Saving.” Ten Years Later — Evidence I Proved Her Wrong

In October 2011, my doctor said to me: “Your breast is like spoiled soup… it’s not worth saving.” When I said I did not want to do anything further, she said, “Don’t be stupid Donna — at least do 3 … Continue reading

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Sherri’s “Mind/Body” Journey — Inspiration for Women Seeking Alternatives for DCIS and Breast Cancer — Guest Blog

My Journey from Invasive Triple Negative Breast Cancer by Sherri Shilcrat GET ACTIVE IN YOUR OWN RESCUE  In July 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I always love to be in control which is why I argued back and … Continue reading

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Breast Imaging Options and Anti-Cancer Diet / Lifestyle

Ultrasound vs Mammogram Discussion on Good Morning America: Identical twin sisters — both had clear mammograms — yet both had INVASIVE cancers that were found on ULTRASOUND. INVASIVE cancers were missed on their mammograms!! A 2009 Study showed ULTRASOUND found … Continue reading

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Awesome Interview!! Inspiration for DCIS 411 — Informed Choices and Healthy Living Over Fear Fear Fear!

Cynthia Toussant and I discuss how we KNEW IN OUR GUT something wasn’t right with the immediate rush to surgically remove DCIS! Continue reading

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“When is Cancer Not Really Cancer?” — Update from PRECISION (PREvent ductal Carcinoma In Situ Invasive Overtreatment Now)

“PRECISION aims to enable patients and clinicians to make informed, biology-based decisions to avoid unnecessary and burdensome treatment of indolent DCIS. The answer can only be found by synergistic collaboration between leading scientists, clinicians and patient advocates. There is a … Continue reading

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