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Active Surveillance P L U S — Donna’s Vision

“Active surveillance” of a potential cancerous condition through periodic medical imaging in itself can be extremely stressful — and the anxiety, worry and fear of cancer developing or progressing may not go away as time goes on.    Active Surveillance … Continue reading

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Donna’s Official “Better-than-Awareness” Checklist

“Breast cancer is a dominant fear for many women. Fortunately, it’s also largely a preventable disease with the right diet and a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to what most people hope for, early detection by mammography causes more harm than good. … Continue reading

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Why the “Standard of Care” Must Change

Despite clear evidence from the most extensive study to date on DCIS — that there is no benefit to surgery, radiation and drugs (“standard of care” treatment for DCIS) — and despite significant harms of these treatments — doctors will most … Continue reading

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Nail polish — a highly toxic solvent!

Throw out your nail polish and nail polish remover! It’s a common source of potent xenohormones which are highly toxic! “One of the most insidious routes of solvent exposure and toxicity is through fingernail polish and fingernail polish remover. Some … Continue reading

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Less Pink – More GREEN: An Intelligent and Urgent Makeover for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

by Donna B. Pinto Pinktober is in full swing. Many of us (including me) have eagerly written checks to show support “for the cure.” But what if all the highly successful pink “awareness” campaigns have been focusing time, money and research in the wrong direction? … Continue reading

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Donna’s Daily Rx…

BREAKFAST  2 capsules of rm-10 (mushroom blend) from Garden of Life 1 cup reverse-osmosis water with lemon, chlorophyll & minerals 1-2 cups veggie-protein-flax smoothie (see “Liquid Love.”) 1-2 slices of gluten free or whole grain toast w coconut oil and almond butter … Continue reading

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What does preparation for a grueling hike up a 10,000 foot mountain have in common with DCIS and breast cancer prevention? 1. Investigation: Both require gathering information and understanding what you are facing. 2. Training: Practice, practice, practice makes for success. Daily … Continue reading

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