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31 Days of “Little Known” FACTS — For Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Day 3 — $$$ for Metastasis

Today is dedicated to my dear friend Sandie Walters (*see below) Did you know… Despite billions raised for awareness and early detection… “There is no actual decrease in the number of women and men dying from breast cancer each year. … Continue reading

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Less Pink – More GREEN: An Intelligent and Urgent Makeover for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

by Donna B. Pinto Pinktober is in full swing. Many of us (including me) have eagerly written checks to show support “for the cure.” But what if all the highly successful pink “awareness” campaigns have been focusing time, money and research in the wrong direction? … Continue reading

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2nd Opinions Matter!!!

I can not stress how grateful I am to Sandie Walters for creating a website “DCIS Without Rads” about her DCIS story and referring me to Dr. Michael Lagios, a 30 year DCIS expert and pathologist who offers a 2nd … Continue reading

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