Why DCIS 411?


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3 Responses to MommyFace2

  1. Vidette says:

    Is there any option for 49 year old premenopausal stage 0 grade intermediate to high grade with comedo necrosis in 9 mm spread of calcifications 100%er positive 95% progesterone positive or is the only treatment mastectomy tamoxifen ??


    • dp4peace says:

      Hi MommyFace2,

      You definitely need to educate yourself on options….and YES there are options!! First, a 2nd opinion would be helpful to know for 100% certainty that you have the correct diagnosis. Please refer to http://www.dcisredefined.org for resources, choices, surgical options and information on pros and cons of tamoxifen. Every one’s case is unique and it is best to have an expert like Dr. Lagios review pathology slides and make recommendations, along with a Dr. you feel is in alignment with your views. I flew to San Francisco from San Diego to meet with a Dr. that I felt was more in alignment with my views. I drive 1.5 hours each way to have the MRI that I believe is best at deciphering what is going on with my breast (I had a very close margin post 2 surgeries and I also have another area of calcifications that I did not biopsy.) We have many choices along this journey — and things can change along the way, so we must be educated and calm in our decision-making. Please let me know if you have more questions. There is no one that can give you the RIGHT answer. You must gather than info and make the best decision based on the facts and your level of risk tolerance. It is not easy, but it does get easier once you do make a decision. Hope you find some good info on the website that helps you! Blessings, Donna


  2. Vidette says:

    Donna thank you so much for your reply. Its my dear friend but as you can imagine the kaiser doctors had us all so afraid by the end of that appointment. So Ive done the research. I have already made contact with your doctor in San Francisco. The thing Im most fearful of is that since its supposedly intermediate to high grade with necrosis Im very afraid of microscopic invasive cancer. From everything I read seemed like even Dr. Esserman was only doing watchful wait for low grade dcis. If she were postmenapausal Dr E informed me of a study using hormones and mri no surgery but he isnt yet. so i wasnt sure if that meant mastectomy or if she could try hormones and mri just that she wouldnt be eligible for the clinical trial . I hope this made sense.


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