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DCIS is NOT a “Ticking Time Bomb” — What Women Really Need to Know

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee was told by her doctors she was “a ticking time bomb.” Is it any wonder that she and thousands of women like her are racing to the operating room to amputate both their breasts? Why such … Continue reading

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Interview with Donna: The Dilemma of Overdiagnosis

Click here to listen to a very important discussion/interview regarding my experiences with DCIS, the problem with mammograms and the “Dilemma of Over-diagnosis.” Thank you Connie Bowman for shining the light on this very important topic on your podcast “HAPPY HEALTHY YOU”!

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“Beware Pink Fuzzy Dice” — Radio Interview with Donna Pinto

I was interviewed today on “Freedom For All” radio show:  http://lnkd.in/b5KSZVx Thanks to Jim and Jennifer Ellis for shining the light….the TRUTH shall set us FREE from Mammograms and Pink Fuzzy Dice! Also, be sure to check out my article and send … Continue reading

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Active Surveillance Anyone?

Looking for women who are doing “active surveillance” of possible DCIS based on suspicious calcifications from a mammogram. My friend and co-founder of http://www.dcisredefined.org Sandie Walters and I have recently been contacted by someone from an online “cancer” magazine who is … Continue reading

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Less Pink – More GREEN: An Intelligent and Urgent Makeover for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

by Donna B. Pinto Pinktober is in full swing. Many of us (including me) have eagerly written checks to show support “for the cure.” But what if all the highly successful pink “awareness” campaigns have been focusing time, money and research in the wrong direction? … Continue reading

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I feel I am one of thousands of women who have been over-treated and harmed by mammograms. I believe our society and most breast cancer organizations put way too much emphasis, money and marketing on mammograms and not enough on … Continue reading

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Excellent News — MRI Results are All Clear!

Dr. Stephen Feig, Professor of Radiology and Director of Breast Imaging at UC Irvine, gave me the results of my Aurora RODEO MRI today. He said, “nothing suspicious — see you in a year!” 🙂 To learn more about Aurora … Continue reading

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