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Listen to My Phone Consultation with Dr. Michael Lagios

It was November 3, 2011 when I had a phone consultation with Dr. Michael D. Lagios, a nationally recognized breast pathologist and medical director of The Breast Cancer Consultation Service. As I wrote about in “Donna’s Journey,” the information I learned from … Continue reading

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The Blessings of DCIS

It’s been nearly four years since my journey with DCIS began. And while the beginning seemed to be a total nightmare — filled with extreme stress, overwhelm, confusion and fear  —  I now see the many blessings that this crazy DCIS … Continue reading

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Less Pink – More GREEN: An Intelligent and Urgent Makeover for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

by Donna B. Pinto Pinktober is in full swing. Many of us (including me) have eagerly written checks to show support “for the cure.” But what if all the highly successful pink “awareness” campaigns have been focusing time, money and research in the wrong direction? … Continue reading

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48 and Feeling Great… Great… Grateful!

Today is my 48th Birthday! My 10 year old son Cody said to me, “there is no way you are 48. Maybe low – mid 30s!” Thanks Cody for reminding me that age is just a #.  What’s most important … Continue reading

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What Is Oncotype DX?

Oncotype DX is the first clinically validated commercial genomic assay for patients with DCIS. Oncotype DX reveals the underlying biology that can help guide DCIS treatment decisions by predicting the risk of any local recurrence of breast cancer (DCIS or … Continue reading

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